Youth Boxing

Little Champs!

Final Round Youth Boxing training in Ottawa is structured in a manner to promote physical activity at an early age which is suitable to absolutely all youngsters! These programs combine a mix of strengthening exercises, coordination drills, mobility based movements, and core focused activities in order to awaken the athlete within. The Youth Program at Final Round Boxing develops motor development and focuses on teaching discipline, self-confidence, self-defense and mental toughness.

Young athletes will benefit physically and mentally from a structured workout plan and teamwork, while learning to share and respect one another. They will learn the fundamentals of boxing such as footwork, proper mechanics of punching and how to defend themselves. We also incorporate a strength & conditioning plan focused on proper movement development. 

Final Round Boxing Youth Program will allow young athletes in ottawa to have a general understanding of nutrition, real boxing training, cardiovascular/strength training and general well-being. 


Our programs are safe and framed by national level coaches. Boxing coach Eric Belanger has had great success bringing young boxers to the big stage with proper programming. He is paired with Kinesiologist, Elie Joseph Maroun who has worked with amateur, collegiate and professional athletes ranging from local, national and world championship boxers, hockey, football and basketball players and many more. 

Join us today and develop the athlete within you. 

Youth Sign Up Sheet

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Youth Boxing April-July 2018 (pdf)