Classes Offered

Competitive Team Boxing

The Competitive training regimen is an elite program designed to take you to the next level. If you wish to fight, we make sure to prepare you adequately for your matches. You will be supervised and followed closely in order to ensure your success. Our training system combines the sciences of strength & conditioning and boxing in order to develop the most powerful and technical of boxers. 

Join Ottawa’s professional boxing team today! 

Technical Boxing

 The technical boxing workouts will be focusing on the basic skills of boxing. We will teach you the fundamentals of offensive and defensive skills, footwork, head movement and much more. It will all be done while getting in an excellent workout in a friendly and highly energetic atmosphere. 


 The BoxFit classes are an intense cardio and interval training geared towards boxing designed to challenge everyone from beginners to advanced individuals. It is an excellent and unique class for all as a means to get in shape. Increase your fitness ONE PUNCH AT A TIME! 


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